Dark Lady DistortionDark Lady Distortion A look in the past…
By turning on this distortion pedal this is the sound you always wanted to hear. 
The Dark Lady works in HI-GAIN area, aggressive and determined.
The highly selected components guarantee a dynamic and musical response to any type of guitar and guitarist.
The selector “voice” allows you to select two distinct hard-clipping stages:hot and slightly compressed distortion or aggressive with large harmonic content, all that with the lowest imaginable background noise.


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Dark Lady Red DistortionDark Lady Red DistortionWe are proud to present the aggressive version of our Dark Lady distortion pedal…the “Red Knobs one.
The Dark Lady Red Knobs works in HI-GAIN area, and was designed thinking of our highly appreciated Dark Lady distortion/fuzz, but with a more “our time” sound in mind. Cut your mix  with this unique sound. The versatile single tone control knob, will make your life easier while searching your best distortion sound, always with the highest dynamic and musical response to any type of guitar and guitarist. The selector “voice” allows you to select two distinct hard-clipping stages: sprained hot and slightly compressed distortion or aggressive with large harmonic content, all of that with the lowest imaginable background noise.


 prijs € 210,- 

White Scream OverdriveWhite Scream OverdriveIts silky and elegant sound sets it apart from every other overdrive ever built.
 Amazingly warm and soft, it is able to let each played line sing.
The two-band tone control allows an excellent interfacing with any instrument or acoustic situation.
Incredibly low noise level even with extreme settings.
Have you ever heard yourself playing like this?



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The MuffThe MuffNo roar has never been more expressive.
 The Muff provides the characteristic Muff distortion type, while maintaining touch and playing style unaltered. 
Ideal for use on the amplifier clean channel, it produces a rich and full bodied distortion.
The FAT MODE, internally selectable, adds a pronounced response on mid-low frequencies, perfect for big and sustained lead sounds, with expressiveness and musicality guaranteed by an excellent dynamic response.
 The lowest background noise helps to create a unique sound experience.


 prijs € 210,- 




Mr. Q DriwahMr. Q DriwahNot only an overdrive, not only a fixed wah. Simply both, in a single unit.
Mr.Q will lead you to the land of sweet, juicy, singing lead tones as well as deeply characterized talking riffs.
Just turn the ‘Q’ knob and be inspired by the infinite amount of voicings and warm tone coloration that the Mr.Q offers you.
Just put the Mr.Q on your pedalboard and open this character tank everytime is needed.


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Silverbox BoosterSilverbox Booster

“This goes to 20…” The natural extension of the guitar volume knob.
Silver Box Booster offers up to 22 dB of clean boost, a natural overdrive respectful of all executive nuances and a highly musical EQ. Moreover all that, it keeps the instrument tone colour unaltered. From clean and bright sounds to highly dynamic crunch tones and from robust full-spectrum 

Silver Box Booster comes from the collaboration between Nemphasis and musician/session player/producer/friend Marco Tafelli.sounds to tones that strongly cut through the mix, Silver Box provides an “in your face” sound full of character and presence.
The perfect multi-tool for the professional musician.


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X7 Tube OverdriveX7 Tube Overdrive

Heart of Valve.

What’s better than a straight, organic, classic valve saturation?
The ‘X7’ has been tailored to that versatile, ageless, pure rock guitar tone.

‘Overdrive’ is here intended in a broad sense, as this little power box can also supply enough gain to sustain your heart-felt long notes for ages. No embellishments here, just you and your sound.You and your X7.

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Reactive Booster/BufferReactive Booster/BufferThe power of a booster and the versatility of a buffer all in one pedal. 
In buffer mode, the Reactive provides the best interface between your instrument and your effects chain. There will be no signal amplification but the low-impedance output will avoid tone deterioration and improve “responsiveness” of your guitar or bass due to the length of connecting cables among several effects. 
The Reactive is helpful, or essential, even between instrument and amplifier/mixer, especially when the cable is longer than 5 meters. It is better to use a shorter cable from instrument to Reactive and a cable with the needed length from pedal output to amp. 
Low impedance transmission drastically decreases noise and buzz and also makes a low quality cable less dangerous for your sound.
It is strongly recommended to use it in buffer mode when the chain effect is formed by true bypass pedals. Do you need gain without affecting your instrument tone? Do you want more volume during your solos? 
Just select the “boost mode” and adjust the gain to the desired level by turning the knob. 
You can adjust the gain from 3 to about 30 dB.
At the highest Gain level, the booster will produce a slight saturation which has the typical character of a tube overdrive, thanks to mosfet technology.

 prijs € 125,- 


Liquid Mind Analog ChorusLiquid Mind Analog Chorus

The analog Chorus with an enveloping sound, smooth and never extreme, obtained thanks to the employment of a Bucket Brigade device, accomplished with an accurate LF oscillator and a choice of the best electronic components available. Particular attention has been dedicated to the layout of the circuit with the aim of fully eliminating the sound of the “click noise” derived from the LFO.
In addition to the classic controls of DEPTH and SPEED there is also the adjustment of the tone “COLOR” of the effected signal. Imagine the Chorus that blends with your sound to become the sound and not just part of it…  Imagine the Chorus with an elegant and smooth sound…

Imagine the Chorus that with your overdrive does not sound aggressive but maintains a natural musicality never heard before…
Now switch the Chorus on…it’s the Liquid Mind.


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VT Comp Optical CompressorVT Comp Optical CompressorThank to the highest selection of components, the VT comp is the closest device to a studio compressor you will find in a pedal. 
Transparent and music sounding at each setting, it enhances executive details that would otherwise be lost. 
From an exquisite support in clean or slightly distorted solos to an extreme squash for tight and groovy rhythm parts. 
The VT comp provides the best of auto-gain adjustment for the guitarist. 
Optical circuitry is inspired to the most famous studio rack.




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Pro Series BufferPro Series Buffer

Impedance adapter, buffer, for professional use. The Z-PRO, connected between instrument and amplifier or effects chain is able to keep unaltered the tone colour of the instrument thanks to a perfect impedance matching. Particularly useful when the connection between instrument and amplifier/mixer is considerably long (over 4 m) or the effects chain is composed of true bypass pedals. The Z-PRO Buffer does not need to be activated, as it does not introduce gain but only adjusts the impedance. Therefore it is recommended to keep it permanently switched on. Thanks to its small size (38 X 92 mm) it can be included into any pedalboard.


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The Snake AC power supply provides a HI Current power supply with multiple output voltages and AC capability, in a light weight, rugged and reliable form.
The Snake AC has 5 output groups for a total of 7 Hi current outputs simultaneously useable at full power.

Power Supply SnakePower Supply Snake

The output voltage is 9.6 VDC @ 400 mA on groups 1 and 2 (each with 4 output connectors), 12 VDC @ 800 mA on group 3 and 9 VAC or 12 VAC on group 4 and 5.
The alternate current outputs provide up to 1300 mA continuously.
All the outputs can supply maximum power simultaneously, this makes the Snake AC one of the most powerful  Hi current PSUs available on the market today.
All the output groups are galvanically isolated and thanks to the ground isolations and the use of quality electronic components, the noise floor and ground loop hum is considerablyreduced.

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