Dear Alex,

Just a quick mail to thank you and the people at Flaxwood for your


Thanks for taking the time to drop by, allowing me the opportunity to

hear Flaxwood guitars over my own rig in my studio. I also appreciate

the fact you actually changed the strings and tested the guitar using my

deep 'heavy metal' tuning. Furthermore, thanks for the excellent service

from Finland, as all my questions regarding vibrato springs, nut spacing

etc were answered within a day.

The guitars you showed me are great, and work perfectly 'out of the

box' - unlike my EUR 3000 Les Paul which never stays in tune ;)


As stated, I'm actually declining an endorsement offer from a

well-known US brand, preferring to pay for the Flaxwood myself. I have a

radio gig, a live show in Amsterdam and a video shoot lined up this

month and look forward to taking the Flaxwood along to each of these.


John Edwards